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Sunrise Studios was established in 2019.

The Life of Lowestoft (2020) documentary was released amongst the disruption of a global pandemic, yet received two awards in film festivals and watched by over 450 socially-distanced people across 14 sold-out cinema screenings.

To date, the documentary has reached an international audience of over 200,000 and continues to be viewed via YouTube in its entirety with over 20,000 views respectively.

This impactful thought-provoking story was film from the outsight in a high-quality cinematic style. Capturing voices through our storytelling enables great community contribution and cohesion, whether that is achieved by podcast, radio, film or corporate messaging.


- Radio
- Podcasts
- Corporate Messages
- Documentaries


- TV & Live streams
- Events
- Social media
- Short films

A Brighter

Capturing informed stories, whilst creating cultural enrichment through multimedia channels.

Our love of film, heritage and inspiring youth are prime examples of successful engagement in our diverse audience. Using easily accessible content to create interest our highly appealing social platforms continue to grow at pace amongst young people, with an audience of over 80,000 people aged 13-24 years old through Snapchat and reach of over 200,000 across our social channels on Instagram and Facebook.


Expanding our reach of service within the local community like no other standard for-profit production company.

We do and will always have the community at our heart and that’s why we are proud to operate as a social enterprise.

Making waves to support, mentor, and upskill home-grown talent, our ethos is to inspire, build bridges, close gaps and nurture those hard to reach, who are all too easy to ignore.

Our creative enrichment through lived experience is what traditionally is missed from mainstream education setups.

We will offer industry placements to those in our communities who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunities to step foot in the door of the likes of festivals, HETV & Film productions, and more.


- Hands on
creative enrichment
- Industry Placements
- workshops & training
- Professional qualifications


Radio, Podcasts, Corporate Messages and Documentaries.


TV and Live Streams, Events, Social Media and Films.


Creative Enrichment, Workshops, Training and Qualifications.

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Recent News


Lowestoft’s Young Film Programmer’s Group

This week, Sunrise Studios, a social enterprise supported by regional charity Access Community Trust has launched its very own Young Film Programmer’s Group in Lowestoft.


Local young creative one step closer to dream ambition

This week, local cinematographer Joshua Freemantle received welcomed news he has been hoping for, as his dream to create a community production company has moved one-step closer to fruition.

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