Young Film Programmer's Group

Do You Love Movies? Want To Programme Your Own? Sunrise Studios In Collaboration With Lowestoft Film Festival Wants To Help!

A Young Film Programmer’s Group is a facilitated group of 16-25 year olds who meet on a regular basis to increase their knowledge of independent film and to programme, plan, market and present regular screenings, sharing their voice with a wider audience, in an independent cinema setting.

Young Film Programmer’s Groups give young people a stake in venues (in our case this is the Lowestoft Film Festival) and help to increase younger audiences of their peers, who may otherwise be generally disengaged from non-mainstream cinema.

Participants in our YFP group will get to directly engage with the film festival organisers and programme films, and associated events for the inclusive & accessible ‘Future of Film’ programme at the 2022 festival.

Alumni programmer’s that take part will get a VIP pass that will give them access to all screenings, workshops and more importantly have the opportunity to be officially awarded for successfully becoming a young film programmer at our Lowestoft Film Festival Awards ceremony in October 2022.

More importantly you will also get to watch films, review films and get to programme films across our 12 week programme.

Further information for when the programme starts and the location of the workshops will be given to programmer’s on application.

Spaces are very limited and places will be given on a first come first served basis.

We also have a small allocation, to support anyone with travel bursaries for YFPs travel costs to travel to our meetings and venue’s.

You can Find out More about Lowestoft Film Festival by clicking here!

If you’d like to join please email

If You Would Like To Find Out More About Our Young Programmer's Group For Lowestoft Film Festival
Then Please Email

Sunrise Studios will work with young people to help them programme and run screenings and associated events at the Lowestoft Film Festival, empowering them to conceptualise and develop activities, curate and market film programmes and deliver and evaluate events.

This strategy has been developed in response to the British Film Institute’s current five-year plan (BFI2022), which focuses on the future of film in the UK and emphasises the importance of engaging 16-25 year olds with independent cinema to build the audience of the future, as well as future participants in the industry.

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